Celler Cooperatiu d’Espolla

Alt Empordà | Since 1931

The Cooperative Winery of Espolla is one of the wine-making companies with the longest tradition in the Alt Empordà county, founded in 1931 by a group of winemakers seeking to enhance the quality of their products and to improve their commercialization. Throughout the years of its existence, a constant spirit of improvement has allowed the winery to preserve a traditional spirit in the growing of vineyards and elaboration of wine and to make it compatible with a progressive incorporation of the best technological advancements.


The building of the Cooperative Winery Espolla was inaugurated on November 8, 1931. Its architect Pelai Martinez drew his inspiration from the great “Wine Cathedrals” in the Tarragona region. The project was originally planned by the Agricultural Syndicate of Espolla, founded by local winegrowers in 1906. More than a hundred years of the winery’s history mirror the transformation of the village Espolla and also that of an agricultural activity, the making of wine and olive oil, which still is part of the identity of this corner of the Alt Empordà.


Our wines are labeled by the passion with which our partners work throughout the year to provide the best fruit from which we get all the nuances that characterize each of our products.


A collection of estate wines from the members of the Cooperative Winery Espolla which aims to maintain and preserve the unique and distinctive landscape that surrounds us. Every year, we offer limited editions of postcards in the shape of wine of our most singular vineyards in order to show and explain the basic concepts of this region of the DO Empordà. This also is an acknowledgement of our members who created and preserve this landscape with their patience, effort and dedication in over a hundred years of the Cooperative’s history.

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